Aqueduct Induction Tap

Client : Cobra

Date : December 21, 2014

Online :

The Aqueduct tap was placed first in its category at the Annual Cobra Product Design Competition in 2014. The tap consists of multiple small pipes which direct water to a collection basin where it accumulates and pours out in a continuous flow. The tap draws on the notion of optical illusion and brings about a sense of awareness regarding the origin of water.
An induction coil is incorporated into the body of the tap which allows the unit to be a fully cohesive rapid water heating system.The copper body is designed to be large and eye catching in order to emphasise the underlying induction heating function of the tap. The trendy form of the tap is therefore intended to semantically represent Cobra’s contemporary, forward thinking attitude towards saving water. The intention is that the users will associate the distinctive shape of the tap with its unique function.