So you are busy driving and you suddenly receive a text message on your cellphone. Knowing very well that your concentration should be on the road, you are so tempted to to have a quick check for new information. It could be an urgent email, or a loved one confirming dinner plans. What to do? Do you check your phone quickly before the green light goes on? Do you respond, while making a sharp left turn? Do you pull over, or rather reach your destination first, before checking your phone?

Well, it takes just a second to end up in a potentially fatal major vehicle collision and texting on your cellphone while driving may be the unfortunate cause for this. To raise awareness around this major worldwide concern, The Ideamongery received an exciting yet very insightful project, where we were given the opportunity to make two large scale emoji sculptures. The interesting and challenging part of the project  is that they had to be made from crashed car parts.

HAVAS Village South Africa is a ground-breaking, forward thinking advertising, media, public relations and business marketing company, that is also part of a worldwide creative communications networking community, HAVAS Worldwide.  They approached us with this very riveting project for their campaign entitled DNT TXT N DRV.

Our faces instantly lit up with excitement and we couldn’t wait to start brainstorming. This sounds so exciting and so out-of-the-box, but where to begin? Well, first we need to design the sculptures. What will they look like? Which parts should we utilise? Which material combinations work well together? While answering these questions, we had to remind ourselves what crashed cars look like in order to create extremely realistic art.


All critical details from scratch patterns, glass break patterns and car body paint finish to how the metal is folded and crushed, have been assessed to ensure our sculpture is as realistic as possible.

With a bit of research and a not so fancy trip to a local scrapyard, we analysed and analysed and got inspired and immediately started constructing the sculptures. We also had to keep in mind that the sculptures should resemble the selected emojis in appearance, colours and proportion…so easy!


And so the construction begins…

emoji development copy

As the days went by, there was a loooooot of welding, gluing, crushing, crunching, grinding, spray painting, dressing and airbrushing involved, but the experience was super fun.

Towards the end of the entire process, we grew so attached to our fab yellow babies and we were a tad sad to see them go 🙁

The final result of the 'Face with stuck out tongue and winking eye' emoji sculpture.
The final result of the ‘Face with stuck out tongue and winking eye’ emoji sculpture.
And so our fabulous yellow babies meet for the first time. It seems like they're enjoying each other's company.
And so our fabulous yellow babies meet for the first time. It seems like they’re enjoying each other’s company.
Meanwhile, this yellow baby can't stop laughing. LOL
Meanwhile, this yellow baby can’t stop laughing. LOL

They grow up so fast!

Watch our making of video below.

The making of Emoji Sculptures