Client: Cadbury Repertoire

Agency: Mojanation

Cadbury needed an activation to drive sales and spread the word about the Raise the Bar with Cadbury competition. Along with instant prizes, one lucky winner would walk away with a whopping R1 million! We raised the bar with the Cadbury Wrapper Flapper. Chocolate fans around the country got the chance to step into our sleek wind tube and take up the challenge: ten seconds to grab a golden wrapper and win! All you needed to get your chance in the machine was one of the qualifying Cadbury Repertoire bars, including favourites like Lunch Bar, PS and Astros. Once inside, the Wrapper Flapper lives up to its name, creating a mini whirlwind filled with Cadbury wrappers. Anyone who managed to catch a golden wrapper won an awesome instant prize of either cash or airtime! The activation was a huge success, travelling to two malls in Johannesburg as well as drawing crowds to stations across the country. It created a huge buzz on social media, and in the end over 7 000 consumers took part!