Before we start any design, we will first research the viability of:

• Technology • Market • Ethics • User

Our design disciplines include:

• Industrial • Graphic • Interior • Multimedia

The development of a product supports the overall design. Our development process consist of:

• Sketching • CAD • Rapid prototyping • Research • User testing • Electronics • Digital • Mechanical

Sometimes the end-product consist of making a single artefact. We are equipped with a fully functioning prototyping workshop, CNC routers, LASER cutters, 3D printers and Vacuum formers.

We batch manufacture many of the products we develop. Large quantities we will outsource and manage.

From shop-fitting and activations to production and manufacturing abroad. We like to see the products we develop through to the end and therefore we offer a management service to ensure the success of a project.

Our Story

Our story begins when a group of people from different creative backgrounds decided to study Industrial design. Their backgrounds involved Architecture, Graphics, Multimedia, Interiors and printing. They soon realised how well their creative backgrounds informed some curiously unique design solutions. They identified an opportunity in the creative industry to deliver a design service that incorporates design thinking from a myriad of different creative disciplines. In 2014 The Ideamongery was founded based on an interdisciplinary design philosophy.

With Industrial design at the core, the model is inspired by the progress of humankind…

Many generations ago, humankind lived scattered all over the world in tiny family communities, moving around in search for food and water. Then one day some clever cookie decided to start the first industrial revolution and became a farmer.
People were able to settle down and send a pin drop for others to find them.
They then started coming together, learning from one-another, sharing ideas, techniques, skills and wisdom.
Soon, different communities each had their own set of pioneering products. They started trading with one another, connecting communities from all over, bringing together their skills and ideas from wide and far. Humankind’s ingenuity boomed and lead to great innovations.
These innovations subsequently enabled humankind to share and collaborate ideas on a global scale.
Inspired by this history that led mankind into the 21st century, Ideamongery strives to create and innovate by amalgamating different disciplines and skillsets in order to produce effective solutions.

We believe that great products and services can only be created with a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. After-all, an idea is merely a new connection of existing concepts.

We are partnered with skilled industry experts in the field of electronic, mechanical and structural engineering, manufacturing as well as digital development, in order to deliver the most innovative design solutions. Our portfolio ranges from mass manufactured products, point of sale units, interiors, furniture, installations, activations, experience design, gifts, artefacts and digital systems. In essence, if you need a design solution we will make it happen.

Remembered in our logo

The sigil in our logo serves as a reminder of our multidisciplinary philosophy. Look carefully and you will see the “I” for Ideamongery dividing 2 hemispheres of the human brain housing 4 interconnected lightbulbs and 2 hearts. The 2 hemispheres represent the analytical side of your working together with your creative side. Your brain consist of 2 hemispheres and usually a person enjoy doing things driven by the side that is most developed. We believe that you should focus more energy into developing the other side of your brain in order to create sound solutions. The lightbulbs represent the various disciplines working together to bring forth better solutions.