Made in Workshop is a space for individuals and corporates to make, create and innovate, and then turn what’s in their imagination into a reality. Their playground is equipped with every type of tool and machine needed to build, craft and shape. 

From the latest computer controlled equipment to hammers and chisels, they’ve got what you need to go from do to done. And best of all, no one will complain about you making a mess, getting your hands dirty, or your incessant loud banging. 

Because this space is crucial to The Ideamongery for delivering specialised  projects on time, we’ve created a quirky ad campaign for them. Made in workshop allows us to create specialised parts for the more insane projects we are often tasked in creating.

The ad campaign consists of a series of objects that can be interpreted differently depending on the type of maker found at Made in Workshop. We also included a floor plan to showcase the wonderful machinery available for use at the space.